Volunteers are our Backbone


The club has been a big part of my life (my wife would say too big) for a long time.  I have seen it go through many phases over the years, moving from Scenic Drive to the Wanneroo Showgrounds to our current home at Kingsway.  Many players, coaches, committee members and supporters have come and gone, and we have also lost some good people along the way.

We are on the verge of an exciting time, with the redevelopment planned for later this year, which will give us brand new changing rooms and allow us to utilise our facilities in a way that we have never been able.

However, a club is only as strong as its members, and more specifically its volunteers.  For example, during February we have been hosting the State League Night Series at our club.  On Friday 1st, Friday 8th, Saturday 9th and Friday 15th we had two games each night, and this Saturday 23rd we will be hosting the quarter finals of the pre-season competition.

Why did we do this and what was the advantage to the club?  The obvious reason was to raise some much-needed funds for the club.  We did this by charging admission and providing food and beverage service via our canteen and bar.  This money goes towards providing facilities and equipment for you, the members, so that we can all enjoy playing and supporting the game we love.  The committee also sees events like these as vital in promoting the club and attracting new members and supporters.

It may surprise you then that in a club of over 400 members we have only had about 15 people in total, help out over the 4 nights so far. (One of these was the young son of a committee member and another was a volunteer without any connection to the club) Why is it so hard to get people to volunteer? 

I have a theory and it is to do with the different types of people that make up a club.  See if you recognize any of them:

There are “Wishbones” who sit around wishing someone else would do the work…

Then there are “Jawbones” who continually complain and do nothing else…

Next there are “Knucklebones” who specialise in knocking the efforts of others…

And finally, there are the “Backbones” who quietly get on and do the work.

Unfortunately, the latter group is in the minority and the inevitable outcome is that their backs finally break and they are lost to the club.  What do we need to do to convert some of the other “bones” to become active contributors to the club? 

For anyone who has read this far, you are definitely “backbone” material.  If you would like to know about opportunities to show your support for the club send an email to info@theroos.com.au or phone me on 0476404570.  I would be happy to discuss ideas that you have for lightening the load for those people currently giving of their time to help the club they love.

David Udy (Life Member)