Registration 2020

Registrations Open January 24th

Registration Guide

  • As of the 2020 season, all registrations must be completed online and paid for through the Playfootball website. Wanneroo City Soccer Club will not be issuing payment plans.
  • Please make sure you have checked with the club to ensure places are available before registering. Contacts for each team can be found via our Junior Teams and Senior Teams pages.
  • Please disregard the amounts initially shown on the Playfootball site. These amounts do not include Football Federation Australia and Football West fees.
  • If your most recent registration was prior to 2019: Football Federation Australia has migrated all registrations from MyFootballClub to the new PlayFootball system. You will be able to claim profiles used before 2019, provided you use the same email address to sign up.

Step One: Go to

Step Two: Click “Re-Register to play this season” or “New to Football”

(New Registrations Only): Click on relevant category (Miniroos, juniors, masters etc.)

Step Three: Type in Wanneroo City Soccer Club and click the box.

(New Registrations Only): Click “start my registration”.

Step Four: Click “Get Started”

Step Five: If you don’t already have an account you will be prompted to create one. Follow the prompts

Step Six: Choose the correct package according to the right column on this page and follow the prompts (Please only choose Kidsport packages if you have a valid Kidsport voucher. More information via

Kidsport Vouchers provide a discount of $150 per child
Subject to availability and depending on government changes



If you are having difficulties self registering:

  1. Visit the FAQ page on the Play Football Website.
  2. Make contact with Club Registrar Rachael by sending an email to

MiniKickers, MiniRoos and Juniors

MiniKickers U6-U7 (Born 2013-2014) $280.00
MiniKickers U6-U7
(Born 2013-2014 + Kidsport Voucher)
MiniRoos U8-U11 (Players Born 2009-2012) $280.00
MiniRoos U8-U11
(Born 2009-2012 + Kidsport Voucher)
Juniors U12 (Players Born 2008) $280.00
Juniors U12
(Born 2008 + Kidsport Voucher)
Juniors U13-U15 (Players Born 2005-2007) $380.00
Juniors U13-U15
(Born 2005-2007 + Kidsport Voucher)
Juniors U16 (Players Born 2004) $380.00
Juniors U16
(Born 2004 + Kidsport Voucher)
Juniors U17-U18 (Players Born 2002-2003) $380.00
Juniors U17-U18
(Born 2002-2003 + Kidsport Voucher)





State League (Firsts, Reserves & U18’s) $500.00
State League (Women) $390.00
Masters Teams (Over 35’s & 45’s) $390.00
Metro Teams (Men’s & Women’s) $390.00





Club Membership $50.00
Walking Football $100.00