2024 Registrations Now Open

Instructions For Online Registration

Registration Guide

  • All registrations must be completed online and paid for through the Playfootball website. Wanneroo City Soccer Club will not be issuing payment plans.
  • Please disregard the amounts initially shown on the Playfootball website. These amounts may not include Football Australia and Football West fees. Fees are correct in the Registration fees table on this page.

Info for Junior Registrations

Registrations for all JUNIOR teams for season 2024 are now open.

We look forward to welcoming existing and new players to our club.

Registrations are open to all players in each age group from 5s to 18s.

Please check for team availability BEFORE registering. There is no guarantee of places, even if you pay for your registration. The club may issue a refund to those who complete a registration without a squad position available.

If your child was offered a position following the trials at the end of 2023, but you have not yet confirmed you will be taking up that offer, please contact the Junior Coaching Coordinator (juniorcoaching@theroos.com.au) to see if that place is still available.

  • Preference on places in all teams will be given to returning players
  • Please select the age group that your child is turning this year. e.g. A player turning 12 during 2024 should register for the U12s.
  • Packages are available if you have already paid a deposit, and/or have a KidSport voucher. Please ensure you select the correct package when registering.
  • Please only choose KidSport packages if you have obtained a valid KidSport voucher code. For more information on KidSport click here.
  • A player will only be allocated into a team once their registration is complete via Playfootball and all fees have been paid in full.

Steps to Register

  1. Go to https://www.playfootball.com.au/register
  2. Click “Re-Register to play this season” or “New to Football”
    (for new registrations only): Click on the relevant category.
  3. Type in Wanneroo City Soccer Club and click the box.
    (for new registrations only): Click “start my registration”.
  4. Click “Get Started”
  5. If you don’t already have an account, you will have to create one. Follow the prompts.
  6. Choose the correct package according to the right column on this page and follow the prompts.

Registration Fees


MiniKickers, MiniRoos and Juniors

A1: MiniKickers U5 – U7 (Born 2017 – 2019) $330
A2: (Deposit Paid) MiniKickers U5s-U7s $300
A3: (Deposit Paid + KidSport voucher) MiniKickers U5s – U7s $0
A4; (Manual Payment + KidSport voucher) MiniKickers U5s – U7s $30 *
B1: MiniRoos U8 – U11 (Born 2013 – 2016) $330
B2: (Deposit Paid) MiniRoos U8 – U11 $300
B3: (Deposit Paid + KidSport voucher) MiniRoos U8 – U11 $0
B4: (Manual Payment + KidSport voucher) MiniRoos U8 – U11 $30 *
C1: Juniors U12s (Born 2012) $350
C2: (Deposit Paid) Juniors U12s $250
C3: (Deposit Paid + KidSport voucher) Juniors U12s $0
C4: (Manual Payment + KidSport voucher) Juniors U12s $50 *
D1: Juniors U13s – U16s (Born 2008 – 2011) $400
D2: (Deposit Paid) Juniors U13s – U16s $300
D3: (Deposit Paid + KidSport voucher) Juniors U13s – U16s $0
D4: (Manual Payment + KidSport voucher) Juniors U13s – U16s $100 *
E1: Juniors U17s – U18s (Born 2006, 2007) $400
E2: (Deposit Paid) Juniors U17s – U18s $300
E3: (Deposit Paid + KidSport) Juniors U17s – U18s $0
E4: (Manual Payment + Kidsport) Juniors U17s – U18s $100 *
Kidsport Vouchers provide a discount of $300 per child.
(Subject to availability/depending on government changes)
 * Manual Payment Packages require payment at the club in addition to registering online. You will not be charged his amount during your online registration.


State League (Firsts, Reserves & U18’s) $600.00
Amateurs Teams $440.00
Masters Teams (Over 35’s & 45’s) $440.00
Metro Teams (Men’s & Women’s) $440.00


Club Membership $50.00
Walking Football $100.00

Need Help?

If you are having difficulties self registering:

  1. Visit the FAQ page on the Play Football Website.
  2. Speak to your team manager or coach to answer common questions.
  3. Make contact with Club Registrar Jason by sending an email to registrar@theroos.com.au