Q – It’s the eve of your first State League 18s Cup game this weekend against Melville City SC, your squad is starting to take shape, How have you found life at Wanneroo City SC so far and what has stood out for you to date?
A –  life at Wanneroo SC so far has been  very challenging. This is mainly due to the lack of available players. In some pre season games we have not been able to field a full team and this weekend appears to be just as challenging in that respect. The club has been very supportive and there is light at the end of the tunnel thanks to a lot of behind the scenes work by club management. I feel Wanneroo is a family and that has stood out to me.
Q – As the Men’s State League 18s Coach what sort of football can we expect from your side this season?
A – we can expect to see the 18’s focusing on a possession style football built from the back. My aim is to prepare these players for the next level and to get them thinking and playing as a team. The field is divided into areas and we look to overload and create the extra man in that area. There will be a default shape to our game that will be complemented with a degree of flexibility that increases the deeper into attack we go.
Q – What can we expect from Wanneroo City SC U18s in the Cup and League season in 2017?
A – I think our cup run will come to an early end this year because I am unable to field a full side and we are up against a very good team.  I have to be realistic about our cup prospects and it doesn’t look good. Hopefully it will be a different story in the league as we consolidate our squad and begin to implement our style of play.  I have a great team who have ability to play an entertaining style of football. Hopefully this is reflected in our league games and we win a lot more than we lose.  I also welcome my new assistant coach, Zamps, who has taken to the role well. Together I see a great partnership and look forward to the season ahead.
Gary Williams
Under 18’s