Following the easing of restrictions entering of Stage 2 of the COVID reopening plan and under advisement from the State government, we are able to start training again. However there are some restrictions still in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. For the foreseeable future, until more restrictions are lifted, there will be a few rules to follow for training.

⚽  All teams training are limited to 20 people per session (including coaches and players)

⚽  Training sessions are to be non-contact

⚽  Parents are asked not to hang around during training sessions (either drop and go or stay in the car)

⚽  Each team will be allocated a training area and time, players and coaches are not allowed to hang around after the session or to turn up early for their session

⚽  You are asked to park closest to your allocated training area i.e. park on Hepburn Av if training on the B Pitch

⚽  Players and coaches are to adhere to social distancing guidelines throughout the session, and will be required to complete a COVID safety certificate before their team can train.

⚽  Coaches are required to keep a log of all the players involved in each session

Together we are doing a great job in limiting the spread of COVID-19, we need to keep it up and we will all be back playing the game we love, with no restrictions.